Lucifer is not the Lord of Hell, in fact, he’s never been there and doesn’t believe it exists. He left Heaven of his own accord when he refused to bow to the humans. All he wants is to be left alone and live a princely lifestyle with Kai. Kai is a 900-year-old vampire who has spent the past 700 years living in pampered comfort with Lucifer. When an ancient evil is released, both of their lives are thrown into chaos.

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Dragons, magic, fairies, angels, vampires, knights, a gollum, a vengeful child’s toy, a depressed cashier, a bridge made of stars, and a donkey… What do they all have in common? An appearance in this anthology.

This collection of short stories is as diverse as the Creativia authors who wrote them. Travel to Victorian London, an otherworldly slave market, a faraway planet, a quaint English town and other wondrous places in the pages of Once Upon a Broken Dream.

My contribution: Suzanne Goes to Market


E-book and Paperback: Amazon

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