Why Book Roundup?

All my life I’ve been a reader. it’s embarrassing to admit, but I was more interested in stories than I was in titles or authors. Some title/author combos made it through the fog, but most didn’t. To this day there are stories I’d love to revisit if I only knew their titles or who wrote them! I got better over the years, but that was more because I was reading famous authors than because I was paying attention. This actually served me pretty well when I found fan fiction (circa ’04). For awhile it was all I read as it was free, abundant, and centered around characters I knew. Unfortunately it was even more awkward when anyone asked who I was reading!

When I started writing, I pretty much stopped reading altogether. Occasionally when a friend recommended a book, or a new fic dropped I’d read them, but I didn’t seek new stories. Writing was new and exciting—I didn’t want to read outside of what I was writing. I think the reasons were a combination of a few things: no interest; afraid of being influenced to the point of lifting others material; not wanting to expend the energy to find what I wanted to read.

I didn’t get back to reading in earnest until a few years ago. For some reason, romance became my drug of choice. I guess it’s not as surprising when i consider that the fan fiction I prefer is romantic—but it still came as a surprise to me! I still read other stuff, but romance seems to be my go-to.

So since I’m back in the groove, I want to talk about it. As with the Movie Roundup, I’m running on vibes so I refuse to call these “reviews”. This is just me talking about the books I read.

I’d love to hear if you have read any of these books, or if my ramblings have inspired you to check some out.