My Cure for the Lack of Momentum Blues

Feb 16, 2015 | Commentary, Movies, Writing

Up until last week I was still floundering, unable to do anything, and gaining momentum in the opposite direction. I figured I needed to distract myself, so I threw myself into watching movies & catching up on the TV series that I never got around to watch. Next thing I knew I was back hip-deep in my manuscript and chugging along like a champ! What happened? That’s the interesting part. Switching my focus stopped my backwards momentum. In fact watching things that I loved, and that reminded me how much I love story-telling, helped to inspire me. Thus inspired, I figure I’d share a few of the favorites that helped me get back on track.

Pacific Rim

There is so much that I love about this movie, I could gush for pages (but I won’t). The score gives me chills and the hook makes me giddy! The last score that I felt this way about was Star Wars. (I was a kid at the time, and buying a record of what was essentially classical music was unheard of.) There is so much painstaking detail in the robots and the monsters – it is gorgeous to look at. Plus its a fun monster movie – what’s not to like?

No One Lives

Words cannot express how much I love this movie! Revenge porn: Run-of-the-mill psychos meet Alpha Psycho. I’m not a big fan of the prevailing theme of most slasher films: the innocents (no matter how annoying they are) being hunted and killed by a random psycho. I prefer this. It’s a bloody mess and oh so very satisfying. And it has Luke Evans – the man does intimidating like a BOSS.

Halt and Catch Fire

There is nothing better than smart television. Ok and maybe, just maybe I have a teeny, tiny crush on Lee Pace (Joe MacMillan). There are not a lot of actors with the kind of range Mr. Pace has, the man operates without a net (or appears to) which makes watching him extremely enjoyable. Pair talented actors with a compelling story and you find yourself re-watching this surprised at the things you missed the first time. Worth a look.

To be continued…

Starting back up is hard and only gets harder the more we fight it. Stop fighting, refocus, watch a movie (or 5), or do whatever gives you joy without pressure to perform. You’ll get your mojo back – I promise!


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