I’m done, what now?

Apr 27, 2015 | Writing

I finished my novel – rewrites, revisions & all – on April 13, and since then I’ve been wandering around like a parent with empty nest syndrome. My baby doesn’t need me anymore and I don’t know what to do with myself. It’s not like I don’t have the sequel partially written, or two other books in that universe planned out. Nope, ideas of what to write next are not the problem. The problem is a certain restlessness, a feeling of I’m done, what now? – as absurd as that feels.

When I was full of giddy excitement I had planned to write a blog post – essentially a happy dance in words. But I put it off, too busy giggling at odd intervals throughout the day (and the next few) to pause long enough to sit down and share. I wish I had then, this would be a different post. Maybe if I had allowed myself to share my excitement (or document it at least), I wouldn’t be feeling so restless now.


Maybe not.

Maybe this is to be expected after a long birthing and nurturing. I lived with that story since I dreamed the opening scene back in ’03? ’04? So it’s been with me in various forms for over a decade. I can hardly believe it’s been that long. I knew one day I would get to the other side but the end had been foggy for so long. But it’s really not the end is it? There’s beta readers, possible changes, hiring a proofreader, finding an agent… Arg. Writing it was the easy part!

So in celebration, I’ll leave you now with a joyously silly movie. It’s one of those purely for fun romps through fantasy, complete with music! I finally picked up my own copy (in bluray no less) and watched it with a goofy smile on my face over the weekend.

“Life at last! Salutations from the other side…” For your enjoyment, I give you Phantom of the Paradise:


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