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Movie Roundup #12 - Susan-Alia Terry

Movie Roundup #12

Jul 8, 2023 | Movie Roundup

Stranger – Tubi

Thriller · Horror

A couple travels to an isolated cabin for some peace and quiet, unaware that a curious stranger lurks just out of sight, watching their every move.

A cute, lovey-dovey couple goes to a cabin. She’s super busy and can’t stay off her phone. He makes killer martinis. For forty minutes we watch them be in lurve, we also watch as someone watches them.

Forty. Minutes.

The stalker reveals himself with twenty minutes to go. Brandishing a gun, he makes them handcuff themselves to each other. He then makes them play Russian roulette with him.

They lose. The end.

Where do I begin? Never mind, I just don’t care.

I guess this is supposed to be “Look how something random and awful can happen to good people!” And yes, it was awful that that nice couple got killed. What else is there to say?

Stranger danger. 2 stars.


Jagged Mind – Hulu

Black Stories · Horror

When Billie finds herself reliving different versions of the same first date, she must break out of a series of loops created by her manipulative ex-girlfriend.

Billie’s mom had dementia and she’s afraid that the same thing is happening to her. Brain scans show deterioration in her memory centers. She’s losing time, doing one thing then finding herself in the middle of doing another. She’s barely holding it together when she finds out the truth.

I found it weird that this was categorized as “black stories”. Whatever I thought “black stories” was, this wasn’t it. I would have expected “lesbian stories”, but that’s just me.

Other than that, this was really good. There’s little that’s so frightening to me than losing control of your memory. What made it worse is the idea of being captured in this way by a lover, and that lover and everyone else suddenly using your faulty memory against you. It’s a perfect trap.

This movie took gaslighting to an entirely different level. Chilling and original. 5 stars.


Batman The Doom That Came To Gotham – Max

Action · Mystery ·Horror ·Animation ·Fantasy

Explorer Bruce Wayne accidentally unleashes an ancient evil, and returns to Gotham after being away for two decades. There, Batman battles Lovecraftian supernatural forces and encounters allies and enemies such as Green Arrow, Ra’s al Ghul, Mr. Freeze, Killer Croc, Two-Face and James Gordon.

The whole bat family is here. They’ve been exploring the world. Having followed Oswald Cobblepot to Antartica, they find something disturbing and unfortunately bring it back to Gotham. This begins a chain of events that birth The Batman.

Although I haven’t read it, I’m sure this was a graphic novel first. I’d like to commend the writers for taking something so familiar and mashing it up in such an interesting way.

DC is known for it’s outstanding animated superhero movies, and this one doesn’t disappoint. So many familiar characters repurposed in ways that worked. I was looking for something I hadn’t seen before, and this did not disappoint.

Depression-era Batman fights a Lovecraftian elder god. 5 stars.


Time Looped – The Africa Channel

Comedy · Fantasy ·Romance

A stubborn man gets trapped in the same day until he learns to be a better husband.

The Guardian of Hate wagers against the Guardian of Love that a wife won’t take her philandering husband back. The Guardian of Love traps the man in a time loop until he learns how to treat his wife.

This man was a steady dumpster fire and proud of it. It was amazing that he took so long to show his ass. The wife was right to demand more. But the Guardian of Love was patient, and literally had all the time in the world to get him to come around.

This movie was a trip. I really enjoyed it and will definitely be looking up more movies from Nollywood.

Fun bit of fluff from Nigeria. 5 stars.

This was a good week for movies.

Until next time.


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