Movie Roundup #4

May 13, 2023 | Movie Roundup

Control – Tubi

Sci-Fi · Thriller

While locked in a strange room, a desperate woman tries to save her daughter’s life by completing specific tasks that get increasingly difficult.

During the pandemic when folks had to get creative, sets and casts got smaller, more focus went into the stories rather than the gimmicks, and I appreciate that. Overall I liked this movie, liked what they did with three cast members and limited set space.

I did have beef with the MC’s reactions which, by the turning point in the film, were more plot driven than organic. By mid-film she knows what’s required of her and is performing on-cue, so for her to fall apart under pressure at this crucial juncture only served the plot and was disappointing.

If she needed to fail for the desired outcome, the time she had to complete this crucial task could have been shortened—especially if this is a “stress test”—her failing because there wasn’t enough time becomes an organic consequence which can lead to the necessary freak out which then leads to the desired ending. It’s the little things.

The ending was uncomfortable. I don’t have kids so I can’t relate to her reasoning, but it seems like it would be a continued dead end, and maybe that’s the point.

Despite my complaint it was well written and compelling. 4 stars


Ghostline – Tubi

Horror · Thriller

Life takes a terrifying turn for Tyler and Chelsea when they begin getting barraged with calls from an unstable woman claiming to be Tyler’s ex.

Despite the bits of gore, this movie felt like cozy horror—which I don’t think is an actual thing. I’m guessing it felt that way because the guy wasn’t a gaslighting asshole to his girlfriend, which is unusual in horror movies of this type. The couple was likable, they were in love and had each other’s backs. Frustration with the whole situation didn’t turn ugly as it so often does in these things.

Some of the acting was a bit stiff, but it wasn’t terrible.

I do have beef with the ending, though. It was another one of those “endings-not-ending” things that I hate so much. It was new when Friday the 13th did it – or was it Halloween? Anyway, my point is that it’s ok to just end the movie on a happy note, we wrapped up the mystery, it’s over. Period. The “or is it?” shtick is old and usually not interesting, and I wish folks would stop using it.

Cozy horror with an annoying ending. 3 stars


A Beautiful Curse – Tubi

Thriller · Drama

Unaware of the danger, a photographer documenting an inexplicable sleep phenomenon affecting an entire island falls for one of its inhabitants.

Ugh. The trailer hinted at a different movie than what I saw. This movie took Sleeping Beauty to a whole new level of creepy.

This dude snuck onto this island where everyone is afflicted with a weird illness—they just fell asleep. He’s sneaking around and finds this woman sleeping. He snoops in her things. Reads her diaries. Has daydreams about them together. Lives in her house. Decides he’s in love with her. Holds her hand while she sleeps. He wishes she would wake up so they could be together.

He finally succumbs to the illness and falls asleep. Meanwhile, she wakes up to find him in her house. At first she’s freaked out but the plot demands that she soften and think he was sweet when she finds the creepy notes he left her, so of course she’s thrilled when he too wakes up.

Son of a fucking bitch, man.

Imagine being a woman who wakes up to find a strange male living in her house who professes to love her after snooping though her life. There’s no fucking way she would want him anywhere near her.

Was the movie well done? Sure. Was it an interesting twist on Corona movies? Sure. It was also a stalker’s wet dream. 2.5 stars


The Seance – Tubi


A YouTube star who goes to embarrass a famous medium’s seances with the dead catches hell when the spirits decide to show the Influencer who is boss.

You know, I’m an easy audience. I approach these movies with an open heart and open mind. All I ask really, is to have a bit of fun, to be entertained.

This movie delivered. It was fun. Yes, the female MC was annoying and I honestly don’t know why the male MC didn’t boot her 5 minutes into her annoyingness — the plot demanded that he indulge her much longer than most of us have patience — but other than that it was a cool ghost story. If I could change anything it would be to give him a reason to be so accommodating, he humored her way too long.

The Poltergeist Portable Panic Room was a cute and fun idea. I’d watch it again. 4.5 stars


That’s it for this Roundup, if you’ve seen any of these, let me know what you thought.

Thanks for reading!


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